In our factory we produce slabs (large plates) of max. 2700mm x 1500 mm in size and 20mm, 30mm or more in thickness (ground and polished).​

A GOLD - Felsite

A GOLD – felsite stone (Sandstone) is a noble type of stone which gives special look to a town architecture due to the variety of its light color tints.

Felsite is a hydro volcanic decorative unique stone. It is from variety of tuff and the color range of felsite stone varies from light beige to light green.

From ancient times the stone has been used for religious palatial constructions, for various sculptural works, which one can see looking at ancient temples and modern buildings they always have very bright, shiny and fresh visibility.

Buildings faced with felsite have beautiful and ceremonial look.

Warmth and sound isolation of the stone are unique, the resistance of the stone color is very high, and the acoustic characteristics make it indispensible both for indoor and outdoor facing of the churches and similar constructions.

The geological structures of the stone and modern technologies allow us to quarry felsite blocks of various color tints and sizes (from 4m3 to 10m3). The test results have shown that this stone has a high durability and freezing resistance level (compressive resistance is equal to 52 MPa at the average density of 1977kg/m3). After 100 cycles of alternating freezing (t= – 18 º C) and melting the samples did not undergo any visible changes.

Numerous constructions built of this stone prove its building characteristics. Before the utilization of the Italian stone processing technologies, felsite stone was not polished.

Now we are offering to the consumers and professional market not only polished but also semi-matte slabs and tiles.