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Slabs and Tiles
A.Basalt, A.Gold, Tuff
since 2008.


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SQM production


Baalt, Sandstone, Tuff


Processing plant
Slabs, Tiles, Art details

Our products are exclusive, unique with competitive price.

Our value is our happy customers. We are doing Quality Control, selection by category, by color because of natural stone is from nature each blocks are unique, but customers order according sample.

Only a leading company such as BSTeam with the capacity to large resources, can carry out large-scale architectural projects. With our materials have implemented many big projects in S. Korea, Portugal, Canada, Spain and Russia.

construction services
Siding of buildings facade

At BSTeam, our people are our heartbeat. We trust our stuff, and we give them the material they need to succeed. We are proud of the work of each of our employees, and pride ourselves on choosing the people who will be able to provide the best service for you, our client.

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Well Quality Control according sample

Production - 2000 SQM per Month


quarry of andesite basaltina

Quarry location at 2200 m high from ocean, we are working at quarry only spring, summer and autumn - 8 month per year, and save blocks for winter.

Main color is gray, variation starts from light to dark.

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